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Family Law Firm in San Mateo Establishes Proper Child Visitation Agreements for Clients

Helping clients maintain a positive relationship with their children

One of the most important parts of a child custody case is the establishment of a positive visitation agreement. A visitation agreement allows a non-custodian parent to spend quality time with a child, even if the parent does not have sole physical custody. At the Law Offices of Lisa M. Dugoni, APC, our attorneys help clients set up a visitation agreement that allows them to continue seeing their children regularly. Lisa Dugoni is a certified family law specialist in the state of California, and along with her associate, Alexis Thodas, she provides the comprehensive representation you need to set up a positive visitation agreement.

Creating and maintaining a workable visitation schedule

The most important part of a parental visitation agreement is setting up a consistent schedule that works for the parents and the children involved. This schedule dictates the days a non-custodian parent spends with a child and how the location is determined. An effective schedule reduces the risk that the child will be unavailable because of prior commitments with the other parent, school or work. Creating a workable schedule requires the cooperation of both parents, and the more willing you are to make compromises, the more efficiently a plan can be established.

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