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Alternative Dispute Resolution: A Complex Term For A Potentially Simpler Divorce Solution

When conflict within a marriage reaches a point where divorce seems like the only option for one or both spouses, the concept of negotiating settlement terms seems counterintuitive. If you could not agree on relatively minor issues, how can you agree to major issues — particularly child custody and support? Yet, the majority of U.S…. Read More »

California Divorce Courts Can Level The Playing Field

Your financial future may depend on whether you obtain a fair divorce settlement. But, if you cannot afford to pay for an attorney with the same level of knowledge and experience as your spouse’s lawyer, the deck may be stacked against you. To reduce the risk of such inequities, the California Family Code gives judges… Read More »

Is “Healthy Divorce” An Oxymoron?

Divorce has been called a lot of things, but not usually “healthy.” Is it possible that the divorce process is not as destructive for individuals and their families as we think? In an article from the American Psychological Association (APA), the author recognizes the emotional instability triggered in partners parents, and children at the onset… Read More »

Will Improvements In The Economy Increase The Divorce Rate?

The Great Recession stressed and broke many individuals, families and businesses — historically, divorce rates decline during hard economic times. Is it possible that an economic upswing can fuel an increase in divorce in this country? While noting the overall uneven quality of statistics on divorce rates, the Pew Research Center cites findings that divorces… Read More »



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