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San Mateo Family Lawyers Provide Clients with Limited-Scope Representation for Their Most Important Issues

Tailoring our comprehensive service to your individual needs

It's possible for some family law cases to move through the courts without the help of an attorney, especially if you and your partner are committed to finding a quick and peaceful solution to your problems. However, if you find a smaller issue within your larger global case for which you need assistance, the Law Offices of Lisa M. Dugoni, APC provide you with limited-scope representation. With this service, we represent you in one aspect of your case, while you handle the rest.

How limited-scope representation can help you

If you are currently involved in an uncontested divorce case without attorneys and you and your spouse agree on every issue except for one, instead of hiring our firm to handle your divorce case in its entirety, you can seek limited-scope representation from us to help with the particular issue. The issue may be a child support, child custody, or spousal support agreement or any other family law matter. Limited representation is a cost efficient method for getting the assistance you need.

What we do in limited-scope representation

Our limited-scope representation services are the same as our other family law services, just on a smaller scale. When you come to us for limited representation, we help you with:

  • Preparing paperwork for court that you file on your own
  • Representing you at specific hearings
  • Assisting with difficult issues, including discovery and legal research
  • Modifying existing agreements

Offering a range of services

Our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience practicing law, and Lisa M. Dugoni is a certified family law specialist in the state of California. Anyone who comes to our firm receives the benefit of our years of experience and knowledge of the state's family laws, no matter how small the issue may be.

Get help with your family law issues today

If you have an issue for which you need limited-scope representation, call the Law Offices of Lisa M. Dugoni, APC today at 650-356-1180 or contact us online to schedule an appointment. Our office is in San Mateo, and we represent clients throughout San Jose and the Bay Area.



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