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San Mateo Family Law Firm Helps with the Modification of Agreements

Helping clients alter existing spousal support, child custody and child support plans

Sometimes the parameters you established during your divorce no longer reflect your current lifestyle. The loss of a job or unexpected medical expenses can make your child and spousal support payments impossible to meet; meanwhile, an unhealthy development in your child's living situation may warrant a change in your custody agreement. At the Law Offices of Lisa M. Dugoni, APC, we review your old family law agreements and go to court to have them updated for your new situation.

Modifying your child support agreements

When a child support agreement is put into effect, the court uses your current income and assets as a guide to determine a proper monthly amount. However, a job loss or unexpected bills, such as medical expenses, can substantially alter your net income, making it difficult to keep up with payments. Our firm analyzes your current financial situation and files a motion with the judge to have payments reduced to reflect your current lifestyle.

In addition to reducing payments, support plans can be canceled altogether if your child:

  • Turns 18
  • Marries before the age of 18
  • Becomes legally emancipated
  • Embarks upon active duty in the military

Updating your spousal support agreement

Similar to how we handle child custody modifications, our firm helps clients reduce the amount they owe in spousal support payments after a divorce. For spousal support, an agreement can be modified if either the obligor's income or the payment recipient's income changes drastically, making payments either difficult to maintain for the obligor or unnecessary for the recipient. In addition, a court might agree to modify the payments if the spouse receiving the money has not made a concerted effort to become self-supporting. Spousal support also can be ended completely if the spouse receiving the money passes away or remarries.

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