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San Mateo Attorneys Help Clients Establish Fair Spousal Support Payments

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At the Law Offices of Lisa M. Dugoni, APC, we offer clients comprehensive representation and counsel as we establish an effective spousal support payment plan during your divorce process. It's important that the plan you and your spouse agree to is in your best interest because it will have an effect on your finances for years, or potentially decades down the road. Our firm has the knowledge of family and financial law you need on your side, and we can establish a fair plan for you.

Types of spousal support

Our firm handles your divorce case from beginning to end, including the different types of spousal support (formerly known as alimony) you can receive during your case and afterward. The main types of support you can obtain are:

  • Temporary support -- This is the support paid to a spouse while the divorce case is in progress. This payment is usually the responsibility of the spouse with higher earnings and lasts until the finalization of the divorce.
  • Permanent support -- This support plan is put in place after a divorce is finalized. Though the name suggests it, the support is usually not permanent. The term depends on how long the marriage lasted and how much money each spouse is earning. It also can be modified later to reflect a change in financial situation.

How spousal support payments are calculated

The court considers many factors in determining how much and how long you pay permanent spousal support, such as:

  • Length of marriage
  • Gross income of both spouses
  • Potential earning for both spouses

Modifications of agreements

We know how fluid your financial situation can be, and the spousal support plan you originally agreed to may no longer reflect your current lifestyle. Our firm helps clients modify their existing agreements by either requesting that a judge increase the amount paid to you or decrease the amount you pay every month, depending on your situation.

Contact our firm for comprehensive spousal support services

At the Law Offices of Lisa M. Dugoni, APC, we represent clients throughout the Bay Area, including San Mateo, Santa Clara County, Alameda, San Francisco, Contra Costa and Marin County. If you are going through a divorce and need assistance establishing a proper spousal support plan, call our office at 650-356-1180 or contact us online to schedule an appointment.



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