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"Before I decided to proceed with a divorce, I "shopped" around to find my attorney. Several people recommended Ms. Dugoni. Throughout my long and difficult case Ms. Dugoni and her team gave me excellent representation. No detail was overlooked. Lisa is honest, direct and very ethical. Divorce cases are expensive, but Lisa worked with me to find the most cost-effective solutions to get the results I wanted. The only delays that occurred during my case were caused by the court, opposing counsel or my uncooperative ex. Ms. Dugoni is well respected by her colleagues. Her efforts resulted in a most positive conclusion to my case. The support she and her firm gave me were well worth the time and money. I sincerely give her a 5 star rating."
-Valerie C. ★★★★★

"I had a great experience with this office. They had two different rates: one for less senior attorneys (cheaper) and one for the more experienced ones (more expensive). I chose the cheaper option. The lawyer that handled my case always answered my emails and phone calls quickly. I was anxious and crying and she had patience with me asking the same questions over and over. My ex was threatening and demanding a lot of money to move out and the lawyer was useful in letting me know all those demands were illegal. Finally, I really appreciate her advice in avoiding a long case when my ex sued me for alimony. She said "I am not cheap; my fees are high" and that I could either lose a lot of money in lawyer fees by fighting for many months or get it done as soon as possible. The whole thing ended quickly. We negotiated a smaller payout for my ex and I didn't feel I was robbed."
-Dioselin C. ★★★★★

"I was referred to Ms. Dugoni by another attorney who was too busy to take my case. The moment I met Lisa she asked me what I was looking for. I told her a direct attorney who was going to give it to me straight without any of the games. I asked for it and I got full custody of my daughter. Yes, it took some time, however when it comes to your children, it is well worth it. Most attorneys ask for a large retainer, however Lisa understood my position being a single parent and made arrangements with me, which no other attorney would ever do. She was brutally honest and told me what was negotiable and what was not negotiable. It does not get any better than that! She was always responsive to my calls regardless of what time of day it was. She even took calls after hours and weekends because of my work schedule. I would recommend this firm any day."
-Kim P. ★★★★★

"Perhaps some divorces are straightforward and amicable. Unfortunately, mine was not. After 20 years of marriage, my divorce was emotionally charged and financially complicated…for me, for my spouse and for our two daughters. The attorney I needed to successfully navigate this challenging dissolution had to be a seasoned professional with expertise in the law, instincts only possible with years of experience, and an ability to diffuse heated emotions to allow for constructive dialogue. That attorney is Ms. Lisa Dugoni. Over the course of my divorce proceedings which included both negotiations and court rulings, Lisa’s guidance resulted in property and custody determinations on my behalf which well exceeded my expectations. Based on my experience with Lisa Dugoni and her staff, I would strongly recommend the Dugoni Law Firm."
-John B. ★★★★★



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